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Why Does The Grove Need To Grow?

Lack of access to long-term care

The Grove Nursing Home, operated by Arnprior Regional Health, provides access to care to more than 36,000 people of which 2,400 are over the age of 75. The Grove is the only facility in the Arnprior region that offers long-term care to seniors in the area. While the demand for long-term care is high, the region currently offers only 25 long-term care beds per thousand residents over the age of 75 compared to the provincial average of 81 long-term care beds per thousand residents over the age of 75. At present, there are seniors in our community who will have to leave their homes and their families behind to receive long-term care elsewhere due to lack of access in the Arnprior Region.

No access for residents with advanced dementia

The Grove must be redeveloped to meet current standards for long term care facilities. The new facility will be designed to be dementia friendly, so that the needs of advanced dementia patients can be accommodated. One in three people will have some form of dementia. The Grove, in its current form, cannot accommodate individuals who have advanced cognitive issues as the physical design of the Grove does not allow for that. Individuals with advanced dementia have to leave Arnprior and go to other facilities, typically located 1 to 2 hours away.

Seniors' Village

The redevelopment of the Grove will be the very first step in creating a Seniors’ Village at Arnprior. To address the growing long-term needs of our population, the government expressed support for increasing community -based programming to take stresses off the long-term care system. Instead of only expanding the supply of long-term care beds, we are also planning for a Seniors’ Village which will include supportive housing, assisted living services, adult day programs, home care and other selected services. The Seniors’ Village will offer care along a broad continuum in order to better meet the changing needs of our aging population. The village services will support both residents and surrounding community members, allowing seniors to retain their health and remain in their homes as long as possible.

Financial Viability

Currently, at 60 beds, the Grove is not financially viable. The Grove nursing home experiences an annual operating deficit, which must be financed by the hospital. Every 5 years $ 1,000,000 is required from the hospital to subsidize the nursing home. These are valuable healthcare dollars that the hospital is unable to use. When redeveloped at 96 beds, the nursing home will not require financial support from hospital operations.

The Challenge We Face

To proceed with the redevelopment, the Grove needs to acquire 36 additional long-term care bed licences to be able to operate a 96 bed long-term care home that meets the needs of the community. A long-term care home needs a long-term care bed licence for every resident it serves. This licence is attached to funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Currently, the acquisition of those 36 additional long-term care bed licences poses a big challenge as the government has declared that no new long-term care bed licences will be issued. We are working with the Champlain Local Health Integrated Network and staff at the Ministry of Health to explore creative alternatives; however, to be effective we need a louder voice to accelerate the importance of finding a solution.

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We need to hear our community voice and show government representatives that our community is committed to ensuring that we have equitable access to long-term care and that seniors can age well in the greater Arnprior Region.

By signing this petition you will contribute to ‘Help the Grove Grow’ by showing your community support for the need for 36 additional long-term care bed licences in order to commence the Redevelopment of the Grove.

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